Best Way To Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

Looking to delete duplicate Mac Files? When the hard drive is saturated with bulk data, the Mac OS performs sluggishly. It takes long time for the system to boot up and in performing any other tasks. Copying data, downloading files, music, videos and images results in creation of duplicate and unnecessary files. This unwanted data and files occupies a huge space and contains many duplicate and junk files. Many times the system is also cluttered with left over files that are not required anymore by the users. Renaming the file also tends to clog the hard drive and mac volume. Deleting such files can hugely free up the disk space on the computer.

Now, finding such files manually and then erasing them from the Mac system is a daunting task. Some might even find it very boring to click open every existing files and delete the duplicate ones. It can be quite difficult to erase duplicate songs from iTunes application. Copying the data as backup can also create so many duplicate files. When the duplicate files exceeds can also result in the file fragmentation with poor system performance. Thus, there is a requirement for some automatic way that detects and deletes duplicate files or folders by its name, file size, date and last modified information.


Thus users are advised to switch over to third party tidy up for mac software. This is one of the best way to remove duplicate and junk files accurately and efficiently from the Mac OS. Manually deleting the files can also result in deletion of some important files, but this tool solves any such issues and scans the hard drive for all the duplicate files, junk entries and surplus binaries and deletes them from the system. The users have the option to label the items manually before they delete duplicate files on mac.

User Guide: How To use the software to delete duplicate files Mac

Step-1: Launch and run the application to search for duplicate files on mac

Now select the check box search location that gives the search results in the second window

Step-2: In this step, Application will sort all the found items using a basket system.

Step-3: Tidy up for Mac enables to substitute the duplicate files, thus works to delete duplicate files mac

So, just download the software and delete duplicate files on Mac OS

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