How To Remove Duplicate Photos in iPhoto Library Easily

Do you want to remove duplicate photos in iPhoto library? This might appear to be difficult for some users but it is not so. Most of the mac users simply store the stuffs like photos, images in the iPhoto library. Apple has created the iPhoto application and it comes installed with the Mac computer from the year 2002. it straight away copies the stuffs and automatically imports photos to the library, whenever the devices like iPhone, iPad or any digital camera is attached to the Mac computer. However, in the process of copying the photos to the iPhoto library, sometimes several duplicate images can also get created. It is bound to store the duplicate copy of the same images more than once. It populates the album with several duplicate photos that were already present in the library. Thus it is the high time to bid goodbye and get rid of the duplicate images to improve the performance of Mac and iPhoto applications.

In order to quickly fix this issue, users must delete and remove duplicate photos in iPhoto library that are no longer required. For that you need to search for the duplicate files either manually or automatically to make this task much easier. Firstly, lets have a look at the manual process on how to remove duplicate photos in iPhoto library.

  • Launch the iPhoto application with the help of option key.
  • Once the iPhoto library is selected, press on the choose button option and view the images.
  • After it has been confirmed that there are duplicate files, drag them to the trash icon in the side bar.
  • You can also move or drag the thumbnails of the selected images to the trash folder.

Once the duplicate images and photos have been moved to the trash, you can permanently delete them by emptying the trash.


However, manually inspecting for the duplicate images is quite time consuming and intensive. It can be frustrating if the wrong files are erased. Thus manual method should be the last option for the Mac users. It is better to rely upon fully automatic process to remove and get rid of duplicate iPhoto library with tidy up for Mac software. It can easily sort and search for the duplicate files according to its name, size, file extension and then easily deletes them from the iPhoto library. Thus the tool is worth using and removes every duplicate photos and other files in hassle free way.

User Guide: How To use the software to remove duplicate photos iPhoto library on Mac

Step-1: Launch and run the application to search for duplicate photos on iPhoto mac

Now select the check box search location that gives the search results in the second window

Step-2: In this step, Application will sort all the duplicate photos using a basket system.

Step-3: Tidy up for Mac enables to substitute the duplicate photos thus works to delete duplicate files on iPhoto mac.

So, just download the software and delete duplicate iPhoto library on Mac OS

Now select the check box search location that gives the search results in the second window

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