iPhoto Duplicate Finder: Get Rid of Duplicate Photos on iPhoto Library

iPhoto is another widely used application designed by Apple. It has been launched in the year 2002, and since then it comes bundled with Mac based computers. It is best application the manages your photos and creates albums. All you have to do is connect your iphone, iPad or digital camera to Mac computer, and the iPhoto application is there to copy the photos and easily imports them to iPhoto library. Sometimes the same photos are stored at different locations in the iPhoto library. In the event of importing the images, there can be creation of duplicate photo and image files and as such Mac users often complain about excessive collection of photos in the library. This is the reason why many of the users are eager to find out the easy way to remove duplicate photos present in iPhoto that clutters the disk space.

If there is huge collection of photos in the iPhoto library, the application takes much time to launch and load itself. Moreover, the iPhoto application performs slower and as a result, there is overall slow down in the mac performance as it consumes excessive system resources. No one wants to have a slow computer, isn’t it. In such cases, the Mac users are advised to quickly check up the free disk space, it there is an excessive volume of hard drive occupied due to duplicate photo files in the iPhoto library, it needs to be removed. Now, it is not an easy job to search and remove each and every duplicate photos manually. The process can be time consuming and you can also end up deleting some important photos too. Thus there arises the need to find some easy way for iPhoto duplicate finder for Mac.


Thus, it is recommended to use tidy up for mac software. It is complete automated tool that supports and scans the hard drive to search duplicate photo files on iPhoto library. It scans the drive for the duplicate file extension by its name, size and bitrate to generste a preview before deleting them from the iPhoto application on Mac. You can also manually label the duplicate items to be deleted thus making the job quite easy.

User Guide: How To Use The Software as iPhoto Duplicate Finder

Step-1: Launch and run the application to search for duplicate photos in iPhoto library.

Now choose the check box search location that gives the search results in the second window

Step-2: In this step, Application will sort all the found items using a basket system.

Step-3: Tidy up for Mac enables to substitute the duplicate photos with aliases, thus works as duplicate photo finder

So, just download the software and clean duplicate photos on iPhoto application easily.

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